We’re born and based in Miami since 2005.

Our Thinking

Crafting authentic brands has never been more important.

Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova

Fulano is a digital-centric design studio concerned with building brands and digital experiences that inspire, shape perception, and create meaningful connections. It’s not enough to think the pervasive tools available to everyone can craft the experiences needed to communicate a brand’s values. We work across a wide range of media to create a meaningful and consistent language from digital media to printed matter.

As technology and artificial intelligence (AI) increase, the ability to craft authentic brands has never been more important. Branding is essential in today’s digital age as it helps to differentiate from competitors, create an emotional connection with the brand, build trust, and establish a strong presence.

Our Story

Founded in 2005 by two passionate artists.

Fulano was founded by Frances Trombly and Leyden Rodriguez in 2005. After working for years as an art director and interactive director in several agencies, Leyden decided to leave his position and open Fulano with Frances. For years Leyden joined agencies and building their web and digital departments with all the contacts and experience he had amassed. After working with these agencies for years, it was time to go on his own.

Fulano quickly began relationships with several agencies designing and developing all their clients’ websites as well as bringing on their own clients. Today we continue to be a boutique digital design studio working on projects we are passionate about—many of them in culture and the arts.

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